About Us

How It Started

Glacier Express Car Wash, your locally owned express car wash, was created by a group of fun-loving individuals who wanted a car wash experience that was as equally effective as it was enjoyable. So, we did just that! We created a car wash that is full of fun, while providing the highest quality of service you could find. At Glacier Express Car Wash we have a strong passion for clean cars and will stop at nothing to bring a smile to your face! Come join us, on a squeaky-clean adventure that is guaranteed to give you chills!

State-of-The-Art Car Wash

Glacier Express Car Wash is a state-of-the-art express wash adventure with all the amenities you could ask for. A quick and enjoyable wash on your voyage home, or when you’re just feeling nostalgic for a snow day. We use all the best equipment and soaps to create a “just-waxed” showroom finish in a matter of minutes, not hours.

Although our express car wash may take less time, we do not compromise on shine! And on your way out make sure to use our complimentary vacuums to make sure your car looks cool inside and out!

Let washing your car be a treat rather than a chore at Glacier Express Car Wash! Purchase a monthly membership today and receive endless visits for a month of fun for less than the price of 2 washes!

24th St. Location

King Ave. Location